Use this form to provide feedback or to suggest EPA or OPW gauges that should be added to the map.
Please include what the appropriate levels for what Scrapable, Low, Medium, High etc should be set to.

hey guys, two gauges for ye to add: Tuam Hole Low 0.8 Medium 1.4 High 1.8 Aasleagh Falls (Erriff) Low (open to suggestion) 1.0 Medium 1.4 High 2.0

< posted on 03-08-15 22:28 by Cathal Kelly>

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Waterways Ireland gauges at but Flash is required

< posted on 14-05-15 21:42 by bjg>

is the map not showing up for anyone else?

< posted on 19-02-15 18:25 by eoin>

Hi Lorcan, which of the four levels would be most useful? Would the difference between two of those levels give a good indication of whether Curragower is working? If so, which two?

< posted on 09-02-15 23:24 by Daithi> Shannon Foynes Port Company now trend river level in Limerick. May be useful for knowing whether the Curragower is working or not.

< posted on 30-01-15 21:07 by Lorcan>

Hey folks Could I get some info on building a gauge? Have a troublesome river right beside the office. Save driving over there at night. apologies to forum members for the lack of kayaking news in this post

< posted on 09-01-14 18:32 by T O leary>

Was down on the flesk this morning around 10, gauge was showing around 130 on the website, but more like around 70 at flesk bridge

< posted on 04-01-14 21:47 by John G>

We were on the Boluisce today. Can you change the level to Low 100-130cm Medium 130-160cm High 160-190cm etc. Cheers

< posted on 17-11-13 21:26 by Conor>

Hi Conor, thanks for the input. I have modified the Boluisce settings and added the gauge below the Tuam hole.

< posted on 11-11-13 12:03 by Daithi>

Hey lads, Another river guage for ye to add would be Tuam hole. The Ballygaddy gauge is at the hole. Suggested levels would be: Low 90-120cm Medium 120-140cm etc. This gauge is not always online, however there is another gauge further downstream that seems to be constantly active. My guess is that for Tuam hole to work this gauge must be reading at least 1.65m. Low 165-200cm Medium 200-240cm This is only a guess at the moment but it can be calibrated over time.

< posted on 28-10-13 21:04 by Conor McComb>

Hey lads, For the Boluisce level in Co. Galway you have it graded Scrapeable 70-80cm Low 80-100cm Medium 100-120cm etc. I would suggest that this be changed to Scrapeable 90-100cm Low 100-120cm Medium 120-140cm etc. There was a group on the river today (28th Oct), the reading was 115cm and they reckoned the river was still low-lowish.

< posted on 28-10-13 20:49 by Conor McComb>

A section where you have high/low levels for the rivers for the opw and epa gauges

< posted on 06-09-12 16:22 by Daniel Dowd>

Hello there!

< posted on 30-08-12 16:33 by Daithí>

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